Order your portrait today!

Do you want a portrait of a family member, your pet or a friend? Perhaps as a gift for a special occasion?

Thea draws portraits on assignment. You can choose between a pencil portrait and a dry pastel portrait.

After ordering, send the image file you want the drawing to: and mark the email with the name of the person ordering.

Thea draws portrait commissions continuously. If it is an urgent order, please send Thea an email for further arrangements.

Order your portrait here

Art short

Jewelery design by Thea Kiær


Physical course in alcohol incl

Thea holds physical courses for both young people and adults in alcohol ink - great as an activity for stag parties or a night out with friends!

Price: NOK 850 per person (all materials and course booklet included).

Duration: 2 hours.

Time and place: by agreement.

Contact if interested.

Book a physical course here

Digital kursportal

Thea also works with a digital course portal. The digital course portal will include courses in the painting techniques alcohol ink and epoxy resin, as well as courses in various drawing techniques such as dry pastel, oil pastel and portrait drawing.

All the courses will deal with techniques Thea has extensive experience with and which she still uses actively in her artistry today.

Follow along here when the digital courses are published!