About Thea

Thea Kristine Tangen Kiær (London, England, 1988) is a Norwegian artist living in Trondheim, Norway.

She has a versatile background as a preschool teacher, interior design consultant, art and craft teacher, art mediator, course instructor and art director.

Today she is studying BA (Hons) Painting at The Open College of The Arts, University for the Creative Arts, UK, as an online student to develop and learn even more.

Thea bases her artistry on painting, mixed media techniques, drawing, graphics, digital art and knitting design where she experiments with shapes, rhythms and colors to visualize human emotions, wonder about social issues and channel messages from the other since through varied mixed media expressions.

Thea works very intuitively and spontaneously and creates what comes to her at the moment she is in her creative flow. Her paintings are both figurative and abstract, with strong and intense colours, and harmonious and fragile expressions. In drawing she focuses more on portraits, landscapes and figurative motifs.

Her art has an alternative expression where she paints interior abstract landscapes in different painting techniques such as epoxy resin and alcohol ink. She is a colorist and healer with colors.

It took a while before Thea understood and became aware that she actually meditates when she draws. Crystals have a natural place in Thea's life and her interest in them has increased in recent years as she has taken them more actively into use. Her artistic work is affected by the energy of the crystals, and it is therefore natural to implement this on this page as well.

Thea is represented in several art books that are available at home and abroad, and she has received a lot of interest in her art.

She works actively towards exhibitions and is working on digitizing both painting and drawing courses which will soon be available here on this page in an online course portal.