Artikkel: Kunstfusjon for aller første gang

Article: Art fusion for the very first time


Tromsøavisa 21.6.2010.

“PAINTING TOGETHER: Thea Kiær, Terje Olsen and Susann Brox Nilsen gathered on Saturday morning to paint a picture together on Stortorget.

Without a predetermined theme or pattern, the artists Thea Kiær, Susann Brox Nilsen and Terje Olsen hope to create a unique expression.

It wasn't just the rowing regatta and marathon that took place this weekend. On Saturday morning, three young artists gathered at Stortorget for what they describe as the city's first art fusion. Here the three artists - all with different starting points - painted one painting together. -Since we all have different expressions, it will be very exciting, says Thea Kiær.

The idea to create the art fusion came as a result of a desire to create a place where artists in Tromsø can meet - amateurs as well as professionals. Neither Kiær, Susann Brox Nilsen nor Terje Olsen have studied art, and thus find it difficult to come into contact with other like-minded people. - We are self-taught and proud of it, but we also want to show off, says Susann Brox Nilsen. With a lot of activity on Stortorget in connection with the Midnight Sun Marathon, many spectators visited the art stand on Saturday. - It has been packed. Many children in particular have commented on the picture. It's great, Brox Nilsen continues.

They intend to donate the result of the art fusion to the Church's City Mission - preferably by holding an auction. Although they do not make any money from the art project, the young artists hope that the image will bring them much-desired attention. - It is clear that we want to promote our own art. We hope that this can help pass it on to many Tromsø residents, says Thea Kiær."



Most of what is written in this article is correct, except that I am self-taught. I have taken several courses with professional artists and have studied drawing, shape and color at secondary school. I am also a trained interior consultant after studying at Norges Kreative Fagskole.

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