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Crystal bracelet - size M/L - Rose Quartz / Pink Jade

Crystal bracelet - size M/L - Rose Quartz / Pink Jade

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Crystal bracelet size M/L (20 cm in circumference).

This crystal bracelet consists of Rose Quartz and Pink Jade. You buy the bracelet in the picture. The large crystal is not included.

Rose Quartz is often referred to as the "stone of love" due to its strong vibrations of love, joy, acceptance and emotional healing. It is very useful to have in the home to improve relationships and bring unity. It works on the heart, higher heart and thymus chakras and when used regularly is said to improve all aspects of life.

In ancient China, Jadeite (Jade)was valued as an "imperial gem" and was considered a symbol of status, spirituality, health and purity. Many other cultures and civilizations such as Maori, Aztec and Maya valued the stone. The Mayan people used it in their ceremonial rituals, while the Maori would make precious objects from it and pass them on to the next generation. In Central America, jadeite was also believed to have magical healing powers that could be used against various ailments. It is also used as a gift of honor for birthdays, weddings and other special celebrations.

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