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Krystaller i Nord

Crystal bracelet - size S - Aquamarine / Jasper

Crystal bracelet - size S - Aquamarine / Jasper

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Crystal bracelet size S (17.5 cm in circumference).

This crystal bracelet consists of aquamarine and African sea sediment jasper.

You buy the bracelet in the picture. The large crystal is not included.


Aquamarine has been admired by many cultures since ancient times. It was known as the "sailor's pearl" among the Romans and Greeks because the stone was used by sailors to protect them during their long-distance voyages. According to one legend, aquamarine was a magical stone that could reveal whether something is true or not by changing its color. Aquamarine is the birthstone of the month of Mars. Aquamarine helps with stress and exhaustion and causes positive energy to flow through the body. This stone can be used to align the chakras and bring balance.

Jasper (jasper) is considered to be an excellent stone for giving you a boost, fighting negative emotions and welcoming optimism. It especially connects to the heart chakra, increases vitality and triggers loving feelings. It is also believed to be associated with the throat and solar plexus chakras. Fertility, communication and self-confidence are said to benefit from the possession of jasper.

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